The Evolution of Natural Talent

Our vision : to create centres for renewal, education and service dedicated to the preservation and transformation of our world
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My search to find the answer to this profound question brought a book called The Art of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale into my life. I read that book as if I was starving for the information…it was devoured! I was thrilled to learn that I could change my life by changing my thoughts and was challenged by the author to test it out…I was so ready…

By this time I was a single mother living in North London; quite comfortably and working part-time at my local hospital. And the pay was decent. However one day soon after reading the book I felt this strong urge to hand in my resignation. Something else more interesting was around the corner and I was preparing for it without actually knowing what it was.

Within a year I received an invitation to travel to Bermuda. “They” said I was mad to even think about taking myself and 3 year old off to an unknown place to stay with people I know not. As far as I was concerned I had nothing to lose. Opportunity had arrived. I was open (by the book) for change and accepted…I was on a mission and quickly found another job. For the next 6 weeks I saved up enough for the flights and spending money with the intention to spend 6 weeks away. Relations with the family was falling apart – so timing was perfect.

I returned to London a married woman! I truly believe changing the way I thought about my capabilities opened up new opportunities for me. “change your mental habits to believe instead of disbelief. Be totally free from doubt. Give it all you got. Throw your heart into it and your body will follow! Power will arise.”

What is my purpose?….

To create a space for healing; for caring; for loving; for creative expression; for guidance; for sustainable living; for Spirit.

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